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    Donor Feedback RS-0011118

    I was so nervous and scared I didn't think anyone would pick me for some reason , , I mean that tiny little thing I'm going to do will change someone's life forever. . . AND then one day my phone rang and I got the GREAT news... A COUPLE WANTED MY EGGS !!! 😱😀 I was super excited but yet scared and I just thought to myself everything is going to be okay. I went to visit the doctor and they were so nice and everyone I met was just so friendly like I knew them my whole life..  When they told me I need to start injecting myself, I was so afraid because I don't like needles at all. BUT I did it and I'm so proud of myself and it wasn't actually so bad, it was a breeze and I felt so good! It was really such an amazing experience , especially when I saw the tiny little eggs getting bigger and bigger with every scan I went to.. And at the end when I got to do the procedure everyone made me feel so welcome and special at the clinic, the procedure went well and so quick. . I feel so amazing thinking that I helped someone achieve their dreams and gave them HOPE... I just want to thank Angie for being there with me every step of the way,  you are truly an Angel!! Sincerely Donor R....

    Cape Town May 2019