Donor Feedback: RG-0010319

My first experience with Angie, from Hope Egg Donation Agency, to the doctors and nurses from both Durban and Port Elizabeth. Everyone was so loving, patient and kind. The egg retrieval was super simple and nothing that I couldn’t handle. I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat. I learnt so much and I’m so grateful to God especially for choosing me to bless this family.

Port Elizabeth January 2021

Donor Feedback: NM-0010918

I have donated twice with the help of Hope Egg Donation. My experience was absolutely beautiful. Every doctors appointment was always great. Everyone is extremely helpful and so supportive. I made the decision to donate in order to help people start their own family. This was a journey I would do again in a heartbeat. All the questions I had and the things I did not fully understand was always answered and explained in order for me to have the best experience. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to each individual who guided me through the extraordinary journey.

Cape Town July 2020

Donor Feedback: ML-0010718

It was my first time donating and it was one of the best experiences. I've enjoyed it since my first appointment with the doctors. I felt very special because I was chosen and being able to give a couple the chance to be parents made me even more excited. Right from the start the staff made me feel that I'm doing the right thing and to be honest I won't mind doing it again. Thanks to all at Hope Egg Donation Agency and the Fertility Clinic for helping couples have miracles🌼

Cape Town April 2020

Donor Feedback: HD-200003

I have donated my eggs once and am soon to donate again. Being an egg donor is an amazing experience and the joy of knowing you could make a difference in someone's life is a blessing itself.  Egg donation is a selfless process and leads to great miracles. I would encourage anyone who is fit enough to become an egg donor to endure the process. Everyone is very helpful and the process is very simple. Hope Egg Donation works with excellent doctors who know how to make you feel at ease. Once again I would encourage everyone to become an egg donor as I myself feel honored to have been part of the process and to still be part of the process.

Cape Town February 2020

Donor Feedback: SP-0010219

I am very thankful for everyone that made this process possible for me and you have all helped me grow so much as a women and as an individual. You make me feel comfortable and important while i go through the process and you always make sure i am okay! I felt great after the procedure and had not complications. I only have this to say: You are all super humans and amazing people - never ever stop what you are doing!

Cape Town October 2019

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