Donor Feedback: MG-0010219

For me donating eggs was purely out of my love for being a mother. I cannot imagine how it feels not being able to do what a woman was made to do. I felt in my heart that if i could help someone and give them a gift that could change there life that is what life is about. A small act of kindnes goes a long way. A lot of people told me that what i was doing was wrong but in my heart i knew that i was doing it for the right reasons. I was nervous in the beginning but after everything i would do it again in a heart beat.

Port Elizabeth July 2019

Donor Feedback: CJ-0010317

I believe we were all given the oportunity to change someones life for the better in one way or another. Being able to give HOPE to others in this way is one of the most rewarding experiences. It makes the little prick of a needle once a day, a trip to the clinic and the few scans so much more worth it. It was the first time that I was asked to travel from my home town to Cape Town for a donation. It was hard only being able to see my son via video call BUT knowing the recipients will have the chance to experience that type of overwhelming love a parent feels for their child made it a very small sacrifice. The whole team was so accomodating, helpful and utterly amazing to work with. I felt at ease every single time and I know they would go out of their way to help if it was needed. I'm Blessed beyond words to have been given this chance again. A little bit of HOPE goes a long way 💕

Cape Town July 2019

Donor Feedback: WR-0010319

Firstly id like to say, its an honour being a donor. This was my first time donating to a very special couple, I trust God make miracles happen, and I cant wait to hear that the couple who chose me, can experience the wonderful feeling of seeing that first pregnancy test, being a positive! As a mother of 3, I was nervous and scared. But the care I got was out of this world! Its a long drive for me to get to the clinic for all the check ups thats needed, but through it all its worth it! I recommend Dr Le Roux at Cape fertility over and over. The clinic staff treated me like I was gold, and that is what I call "working through God". I have no words on the wonderful service I got... I was not aware that people can actually treat one another the way I was treated! Thank you to everyone who assist me through this journey, but a special thanks to Angie, along with Zaahira, you guys walked every step of the way, and just a message changes a persons seeing through everything. I cant wait to have to honour to walk that road again!

Cape Town July 2019

Donor Feedback: VJ-0010419

When I first embarked on this process, I was super nervous and anxious thinking "What am I getting myself into?" As I got to learn more about the process my mind was at ease. Never in my life have I felt this amount of fulfillment and joy. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity. The process itself is painless and simple and such an amazing experience, I would do it again without a doubt in my mind. I would love to give thanks to Zaahira, Melosha, Dr.Oosthuizen from Cape Fertility Clinic and all the staff that played a major role throughout the process. A special thanks to Angie from Hope Egg Donation Agency for giving me this opportunity to bless a family and for all her support. You guys are amazing! ❤

Cape Town July 2019

Donor Feedback: MV-0011118

All my life I wondered what my meaning in life would be?? ..... I finally found my meaning in life. "Hope"! One action changed my wondering in knowing my meaning in life... Hope Egg Donation Agency change my life, gave me a new meaning in life .. I am proud to be a donor of Hope Egg Donation Agency.

Cape Town July 2019