Donor Feedback: GO-0010119

I had such a wonderful experience being a first time donor. In the beginning I was in two minds, one side excited to help a couple become a family but on the other hand too scared because of the procedure that awaits. I eventually decided to send in my application, everything went smooth. Then I waited until I was chosen by a couple. This is the most exciting part for me, to get a call saying you were chosen. Angie who founded Hope Egg Donation Agency was in contact with me from the beginning answering all my questions and really has a heart for not only the family but also you as a donor, her commitment, support and communication throughout and even afterwards is amazing, her love and passion surely shines through. In all honesty, for me personally the injections were the most challenging part but you overcome it quickly, the extraction itself was a breeze as you get put to sleep. The recovery is fairly quick and pain minimal. This is not a quick fix type of donation, your intentions really need to be in the right place. I'm a regular blood donor and for me this was far more rewarding to help a couple conceive life. I will definitely do it again in a heart beat and really encourage anyone who considers donating to try it, you will not be disappointed. Thank you to all that was involved, you all made me feel of the utmost importance and can really commend you all on an absolute great service and I look forward to doing it again. God bless you for the great work you are doing!

Cape Town May 2019

Donor Feedback RS-0011118

I was so nervous and scared I didn't think anyone would pick me for some reason , , I mean that tiny little thing I'm going to do will change someone's life forever. . . AND then one day my phone rang and I got the GREAT news... A COUPLE WANTED MY EGGS !!! 😱😀 I was super excited but yet scared and I just thought to myself everything is going to be okay. I went to visit the doctor and they were so nice and everyone I met was just so friendly like I knew them my whole life..  When they told me I need to start injecting myself, I was so afraid because I don't like needles at all. BUT I did it and I'm so proud of myself and it wasn't actually so bad, it was a breeze and I felt so good! It was really such an amazing experience , especially when I saw the tiny little eggs getting bigger and bigger with every scan I went to.. And at the end when I got to do the procedure everyone made me feel so welcome and special at the clinic, the procedure went well and so quick. . I feel so amazing thinking that I helped someone achieve their dreams and gave them HOPE... I just want to thank Angie for being there with me every step of the way,  you are truly an Angel!! Sincerely Donor R....

Cape Town May 2019

Donor Feedback CM-0010219

As I filled in my application I was not really expecting to be chosen to be a donor as I never thought someone would pick me. It was about 2 weeks later when Angie made contact with me. It felt unreal for some time because we had to wait a while before we could actually see the the specialists. As a first time donor I was very nervous and didn't really know what to expect but Angie was by my side every step of the way. As a women I felt so so uplifted to be able to help someone have their dream of having a baby come true. I have learned a lot about egg donation with this process and a lot about my own body as well! After my egg retrieval, as I walked out of the fertility clinic, I noticed a quirky smile on my face that I just could not help for! This experience was truly awesome and I'll definitely do it again!

Cape Town May 2019

Donor Feedback: NN-0010318

I am a two time donor, currently busy with my third one! I'm happy to help others... I believe everybody deserve happiness in anyway possible. Hope Egg Donation Agency and the Fertility Clinic have such wonderful people, who care for you and are there for you 24/7 to explain everything you need to know and to make you feel comfortable in the best way possible! At first I was nervous about the injections but once I was shown how to do it I become a pro at it! The egg retrieval was not to bad at all... the staff took good care of me! It's not painful just a small little cramp here and there.. all in all knowing that you will help someone makes it all worth it!

Cape Town April 2019

Donor Feeback PD-0010817

I was nervous about about egg donation but the struggle that my cousin and her husband went through made me realise that the fear I have can't be as frightening as the excitement I'd be delivering to other people so I got over my fear and went on with applying. I wasn't aware of the self injection part but it is not as painful as I thought it would be, it actually feels likes a pinch. The help I got from both Angie and the clinic is magnificent and is encouraging. I have donated thrice so far and I really can't complain because once all faith is lost, Hope is what should keep people going!

Port Elizabeth March 2019