Donor Feedback: SK-0010817

I have been an egg donor for a while, I've donated 3 times. It’s a process that I never thought I would do but looking back I have no regrets. It’s a surprisingly personal journey too – despite the anonymity between the donour and recipient. For each donation I felt part of something rather special and just being able to give something back made me feel like I left a positive mark somewhere in the world. Yes, there’s some hype about the process and sadly some rather offish misconceptions...but here I am! Still alive and fertile! I’m going to attempt to educate other ladies because I feel like it’s something worthwhile knowing about. In a way it changed my life for the better, the love and support I got from Hope egg donation Agency was something I've never experienced before it's beautiful, they are family that's all I can say.

Port Elizabeth December 2018

Donor Feedback ZN-0010518

I have only donated once but soon to donate for the second time. For my experience I can tell you it's a great one knowing you going to help a couple be able to have a child. Talking about the procedure I can say I was nervous because am really scared of injections but once you start you realise it's nothing to worry about. Even though I was scared, I enjoyed every bit of it. The clinic has the nicest staff on earth and I always enjoy my check ups. I would really like to thank Angie for giving me a chance to help others and plant a seed where I can. It's nice to help and for any couple out there going through this, I wish you well!

Port Elizabeth November 2018

Donor Feedback: TN-0011216

My experience with Hope Egg Donation Agency was one of a kind. It was my very first time and naturally I was very nervous about the process. I must say I was nervous for absolutely nothing. The support I received from the agency was amazing from my very first screening right up until post procedure. Angie was with me from the very beginning right until the very end. I found that the Agency also has the donors' best interests at heart, they sincerely care about your health and general wellbeing. The procedure was nothing like what I had expected. It was pain free and the doctors and nurses make you feel as comfortable as possible. I was back at work a day after my procedure without any pain nor discomfort. It's definitely something I would do again without any second thoughts. The work that Hope Egg Donation Agency does is truly wonderful. 🌸

Port Elizabeth August 2018

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