Donor Feedback: SK-0010817

I have been an egg donor for a while, I've donated 3 times. It’s a process that I never thought I would do but looking back I have no regrets. It’s a surprisingly personal journey too – despite the anonymity between the donour and recipient. For each donation I felt part of something rather special and just being able to give something back made me feel like I left a positive mark somewhere in the world. Yes, there’s some hype about the process and sadly some rather offish misconceptions...but here I am! Still alive and fertile! I’m going to attempt to educate other ladies because I feel like it’s something worthwhile knowing about. In a way it changed my life for the better, the love and support I got from Hope egg donation Agency was something I've never experienced before it's beautiful, they are family that's all I can say.

Port Elizabeth December 2018