Donor Feedback BM-0011118

I had a great experience with being a first time donor. I was so excited to donate because I wanted to see a family happy, with children.  After applying I waited until I was chosen by a couple... I soon got a call saying that I had been chosen!   When I got that call I was so excited. Angie who founded Hope Egg Donation Agency was in contact with me from the beginning, answering all my questions and checking if I was okay and how everything was going.  Her commitment, support and communication throughout and even afterwards is amazing, her love and passion surely shines through. At first I though the injections were going to be painful but there was actually no pain at all.  The retrieval itself was a breeze as you get to sleep under anaesthetic.  All the nurses took very good care of me during the procedure and they are very lovely people.  They all bring a good vibe and make people excited for the retrieval.  Anyone who is considering becoming an egg donor must try it!   Thank you to all the people who were involved, helping me with everything.  You guys gave great service and I am looking forward to donating again.

Cape Town June 2019