Donor Feedback: JK-0010119

This is my first time doing this and I'm not regretting this at all... I will do this over and over again. Angie is the best she helps you no matter what if you are having trouble with anything or not sure about something or stressing about the whole injecting yourself or getting pains or what the case may be she will do her best to keep you calm she will even phone you if you not feeling well. I couldn't ask for a better Donation Agency than HOPE. I'm glad i could help a couple out that really wants to be a mommy and daddy because everyone in the world deserves to be a mommy and daddy.
The day when I went for the egg retrieval all the staff was so nice and helpful everyone tried there best to make me comfortable I really felt save and comfortable with all the staff around me. The Hope Egg Donation Agency is the best you can't get better than them. Thanks HOPE Egg Donation and Angie for everything you guys are the BEST. 🤗😘

Cape Town May 2019