Donor Feedback: LB-0010319

Donating an egg is something I was interested in the past, but when it came down to starting the process, I got cold feet and backed out. Therefore, this time around when I decided to go ahead with it, I was sure that I was ready, mentally, emotionally and physically. Typing this message today, I am sitting here with a smile and kind of swallowing back tears too to be honest. I feel so humbled and grateful that I have been able to help a man and women complete their family and feel fulfilled. On the day of the procedure I was doubting myself and wondering if I was making a mistake and that I might feel like a part of me is missing afterwards. Instead, I feel the exact opposite, I too, feel fulfilled and would do this in a heartbeat again. I could not have asked for a better team to work with, everyone at Cape Fertility Clinic made me feel so so extremely comfortable, Dr Mathabese is absolutely great, so kind, concerned and caring, yet also so professional and firm on what needs to be done. Angie at Hope Egg Donation is so humble and helpful and she goes out of her way to check in with you and ensures that you are okay. I am thankful and I pray and thank God that I was able to give someone the chance to bring a life into this world.

Cape Town July 2019