Donor Feedback: MW-0010817

I have donated twice, soon to be going on my third - something I never imagined saying until I learned about this amazing procedure that brings hope to families who are unable or battling to conceive. It seems daunting at first but the support I received from Angie at Hope Egg Donation is unbelievable. I travelled to CT earlier this year for another donation and had Cape Fertility clinic as well as the Hope agency support me through every step of the process. From scans, my trigger shot that had to be administered at midnight (that Angie stayed up for to make sure I don't sleep through my alarm!) right through to the day of the procedure when they make sure you're feeling well. I would definitely recommend all healthy young women to get involved and educate themselves with this wonderful process. The feeling you get when you realize you've just helped a couple to have the family they've always wanted is second to none. 💖

Port Elizabeth March 2019