Donor Feedback RK-0010219

When I first read about becoming an egg donor, I was intrigued. I thought that being able to help someone, by giving them something that I was not even using was so simple, however I didn’t know anything about the process. I quickly searched the web and found Hope Egg foundation, a reliable, trusted company to work through. They were quick to respond to my questions and making sure that I was comfortable and knew everything I needed to know. It didn’t take long before I was chosen to be a donor for a recipient and we started with the process. It went so smooth, as I was guided so well through everything, I was comfortable at all times and never confused as to what was happening next. The team was so professional, I barely had to lift a finger. It is the best feeling knowing that I got to help someone out in the world, with something they could not have, I would recommend this for any lady out there, you are capable of changing someone’s life for the better forever.

Cape Town June 2019